Deputy Bob Hauck has been with the Sheriff’s Department since 2008 and is currently assigned to the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department’s Youth Services Unit  (YSU) after providing his services to the Elk Grove Unified School District  for the past two years as the School Resource Officer at Monterey Trail High School.

Deputy Hauck has coordinated and implemented a variety of outdoor programs with the goal of expanding the opportunities youths have to interact with the greater Sacramento’s amazing natural terrain. Over the past five years, Deputy Hauck has maintained a partnership with the California State Parks. This partnership has allowed Deputy Hauck to successfully run an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) training program for youths to learn the proper techniques for riding such exciting, yet potentially dangerous, vehicles. In 2012, the National Rifle Association funded a grant written by Deputy Hauck. This grant has allowed Deputy Hauck to provide all the necessary equipment to teach youths how to properly handle a shotgun and shoot trap.

As an assigned member of YSU, Deputy Hauck looks forward to continuing these programs and expanding more opportunities for the Sheriff’s Department to interact with the county’s south area population. Deputy Hauck aspires to partner the Sheriff’s Department with local businesses and organizations so programs, such as fishing and camping, can be introduced as possible programs to help create positive change with the youth of Sacramento county.

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Next Steps...

If you are interested in assisting Deputy Hauck with his vision, please do not hesitate to contact YSU or Deputy Hauck directly by clicking the contact us button.